Hey! I’m Daniel.
Electro-Mechanical engineer based in Madrid, Spain.

More Information

Since I was a little kid I’ve always been dismantling and modifying electronics, I guess this engineering thing comes from far. To be honest, now I regret tearing appart my gameboy color to try and make a video-phone.

I did my studies in Nebrija University in Madrid, while also doing a year abroad in Drexel University in Philly and a brief course at Berkeley.

Always liked electric vehicles but the Formula EV team at Drexel really got me into it. Since then I’ve done an undergraduate thesis on a combinative powertrain based on different energy sources for electric cars, as well as a Master Thesis on Electric Micromobility and the development of a super cool (maybe a bit dangerous) electric mountainboard.

After uni I landed an internship at Correos, the national logistics company in Spain, where I picked up data analysis on R (and fell in love with it). After which I discovered the amazing world of Python and Pandas.

All of these experiences helped me land a job at Tesla as a Field Support Engineering Intern in Norway, where we worked closely with the design and service teams to improve the fleet as well as performing some nice cold weather tests in the arctic circle with the then-brand new Model Y.

I then went to France to do the same in the Southern region of Europe.

Finally I arrived at my full time possition in my home city of Madrid, where I keep cooperating with the design teams and factories around the world, more recently supporting Gigafactory Berlin.