Hey there! I’m Daniel Garcia, an industrial engineer based in Madrid, Spain.

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for a person with my skills to join your company, here’s the knowledge and experience I can offer:

Automotive & Electrical engineering

This has been my main focus during both my university days and my professional carreer. From the more theoretical courses which granted me knowledge of all the physics behind electricity, to more practical courses like electric machines.

This last one is the one that jumpstarted my passion for EVs. Later, during my Drecel University stay I consolidated it by joining the Formula EV team, where I was in charge of making the powertrain, more specificaly BMS and motor controller, work.

I then did both my bachelor’s and master’s thesis on EVs, as well as help write a paper on EV theoretical CO2 emissions in Spain:

  • Bachelor’s thesis: Combinative powertrain design and analysis (Li-ion + hydrogen + supercapacitors).
  • Master’s thesis: Design and developement of a micromobility electric vehicle (electrical, structural and viability analysis).
  • Paper: Theoretical gas emissions derived from the usage of an electric vehicle.

After university I joined Tesla as a Field Support Engineer in Norway, the biggest EV market in Europe. Our team was distributted all accross Europe, which allowed us to support all the different markets.

In this role I could analyse fleet-wise issues, perform investigations, discover root causes and work with design and factory teams to solve it in the field.

We also performed extreme climate-tests, both in the Arctic (Norway/Sweden) in winter and the ecuator in the summer (Southern Europe/United Arab Emirates), of new products before they hit the EMEA market. This allowed us to gather telemetry and failure modes and work with other teams to solve them before the vehicle was launched.

It’s here where I gathered expertise in CAN networks and developed solid analysis skills.

Later I changed into the role of Field Quality Engineers for Gigafactory Berlin. Here we continued performing investigations and field analysis for the factory. Working even closer with the Quality and Design Engineers there to solve issues and improve the product.

This is the role I continue to do today.


I’ve been coding since secondary school, although not my main carreer, I’ve always been passionate about it and self-developed string skills in the following:


Python is the language in which I most often code and where I can offer most of my expertise. I started using python at school to develop really basic scripts.

Later in University I started getting more and more into it, developing automation tools and other personal projects which include:

  • Flask applications:
    • The best example for this is Wayfinder, a Flask application with an API that receives GPS traces from my phone every half an hour, process them so the data is cleaned up and saves them to a PostreSQL database. This app lives on a virtualized Ubuntu container and is linked to my domain and can display both paths between certain periods of time or location statistics.
    • Developed a big Flask app at tesla to match High Voltage battery packs with cars. The user enters a VIN in the tool and the tool spits out all compatible part numbers so that Service has an easy time ordering the packs. This tool is currently used globaly.
  • Automating bots for websites:
    • Bot to get limited edition sneakers (I made a decent business out of this for a year or so)
    • Bot to automate linkedin contacts - A professor offered +1 point on the course grade if we got +500 contacts in linkedin. I programed a bot to send personalized invitations to close contacs + sectors of interest.
    • UI to automate bookings - I developed a UI (QT) and a bot to automate bookings for a golf course where my parents (less tech savvy) could not get any reservations on time since they all were booked within 1 minute. Safe to say they are one of my proudest clients!
    • This also came in handy on jobs I’ve done were I needed to download certain data behind JS code and didn’t have access to an API or SQL database.
  • Automating physical devices:
    • Classic automated garden with serial communication to an Arduino. Added plus of an UI to monitor water and sun levels and modify parameters.
    • Automating domotics at home with home automation.

Data analytics - Mainly PySpark, SQL, Pandas

  • Started doing some tasks at Correos processing data with R and VBA. Although I was only an intern they asigned a pretty big project since I was the only one with these skills in the Quality department. The project tracked Quality data from all Spanish comunities weekly and reported it in an easy to read presentation for the Quality boss.
  • At Tesla I really developed my data analytics skills with Python and Pandas. At first I was downloading raw data from Tableau Dashboards and processing it localy. Later I was able to gain access to their Datalake database and queried directly using SQL, PySpark and Presto depending on the application. I then procesed this data with Pandas, gaining insights on different field and factory issues. I then created useful graphs to show the findings.
  • As mentioned above, my Flask applications often use either PostgreSQL or SQLite as the database for the backend.

Other skills

Mechanical engineering

Strong skills in CAD, 3D printing and manufacturing processes. I am constantly developing personal projects using these skills.

Electronics engineering

Electronics is also something that, although covered in my bachelor and masters, I developed personally. Learned to solder at a really young age and played with different electronics (radios, lights, motors, etc.). I have a small lab at my home where I’m always tinkering. I have knowledge on how each component works and the logic behind the ICEs.