Daniel Garcia

Hey there! I’m Daniel, an Electro-Mechanical Engineer based in Madrid, Spain.

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for a person with my skills to join your company, here’s the knowledge and experience I can offer:

Work experience

Field Quality Engineer @ Tesla

Sep ‘20 to Present

  • Root cause investigation of fleet-wise technical issues. Resolution with design and factory teams.
  • “Bumper to bumper” knowledge of the vehicles. Strong diagnosing skills using different tools and processes. Mainly CAN telemetry and physical tests.
  • Global field data analytics using SQL, Caspian, Python (Pandas, Pyspark) and other BI tools (Tableau, Power BI).
  • Extreme regional tests, Arctic in the winter & Emirates in the summer, of new products before they hit the market. Failure mode analysis.
  • Design of service and factory processes towards increasing efficiency and output.

Process Engineer @ Correos

Feb ‘20 to Sep ‘20

  • In charge of quality data project for weekly corporate review using SQL (datalake), R and VBA.
  • Process automation using Power BI.
  • Process modelling, analysis and optimization, reducing costs and bottlenecks.
  • Lean management of all areas of the company, including engineering, logistics and finance departments.



  • Expertise knowledge on all powertrain components of an EV, as well as low voltage controllers, sensors and actuators.
  • Strong electrical and mechanical root cause failure diagnosis skills - High Voltage battery and CAN system diagnosis.
  • Great knowledge of CAN networks. DBC design.
  • CAD design, finite element & materials analysis.


  • Languages - Python (expertise), HTML, Javascript, C.
  • Full stack development using Flask, PostgreSQL HTML and Javascript.
  • Data analytics expertise using SQL, Spark (PySpark) and Pandas.

Languages (human)

  • Spanish - Native
  • Engish - Profficiency
  • French - Currently learning


  • Nebrija University - Bachelor’s degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering.
  • Drexel University - Year abroad for my bachelor’s degree.
  • Drexel University - Formula EV powertrain development.
  • Nebrija University - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • Nebrija University - MBA


Personal projects

  • Wayfinder
  • Homelab - Proxmox server running Linux containers and VMs, hosting microservices.
  • CAD design and 3D printing.

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